A Question of Simplicity

The lake at Stainton le Vale Oil by Edward Leigh

At Mass today there was a very simple hymn. Try as I might I cannot remember the exact words, but I think it went something like; “O Sacrament Divine, O Sacrament Sublime.”

The simplicity of the hymn, caused by the repetition of the words, acted on me like a tonic. All my thoughts and doubts about life and faith; what is true? what is pure? receded into the background, as I let the words wash over me.

Images of water pervade Chinese art and philosophy. They symbolise. Simplicity, memory and human virtues. A Woodblock by Chen Qi which I saw this week at the Victoria and Albert museum invites one to contemplate the abstract qualities of water.

The above image, an oil on canvass, is one my attempts to paint water.
I also found this quote in the museum.

The three refuges
I take refuge in the Buddha, the perfectly enlightened one, the shower of the way.
I take refuge in the Dharma, the teaching of the Buddha, which leads from darkness to light.
I take refuge in the Sanha, the fellowship of the Buddha,s disciples, that inspires and guides.