Welcoming Thérèse

I was just reflecting on the Mass at Westminster Cathedral where the Relics of St Thérèse of Lisieux were received. Any kind of Relic is considered ridiculous in this modern world. Indeed I feel a bit embarrassed by it. Even so you could not fail to be moved by the sight of thousands walking past the remains of this ordinary nun who simply wanted to find love and God in all things, even the smallest and most insignificant. I am sure Calvin would not have approved of the Mass for the Relics, but perhaps he would have approved of the life of this good lady.

Can we not then admire her simplicity and celebrate her life in the presence of her remains? By her travels around the country, Theresa has reminded many people about the simple way she lived and the simple way she loved. The amount of people who venerate her remains are a testament to the wonder of her life. She will have led many to consider God in a new light.