Day 5: Thoresway

We stopped to canvass at Thoresway and luckily the church was open. The very words Thors Way point to a time when this part of Lincolnshire was firmly under Danelaw.

Opposite my cottage in Lincolnshire is a buried medieval village. Amazingly, my village had a higher recorded population in 1086, 39 peasants, than at any time until the late twentieth century. The paper, “Change and Continuity” – Rural Settlement in North West Lincolnshire, published by the Royal Commission says that “the remnants of Stainton le Vale are probably of the most extensive medieval excavations in the country.”

But back to Thoresway. My change and continuity book tells me that Thoresway has had a long history of change and acceleration, but the details of which are perhaps beyond recovery. However, the church is delightful. It is small and built from yellow sandstone. From the outside it appears to be a small church but it is impressive and seemingly spacious inside. A kind of Doctor Who Tardis.