February Day

It was the worst kind of February day. A constant stream of drizzle and cold wind.

I took shelter at the start of the walk in Tealby church. There are collected the wonderful memorials to the Tennyson d’Eyncourt family. Charles Tennyson, I read, was an MP for 35 years. No doubt hugely wealthy, he extended Bayons Manor into a huge Gothic pile. It was blown up in 1964 after being requisitioned and no doubt ruined during the Second World War.

Charles Tennyson adopted the d’Eyncourt name. This was seen at the time as something of an affectation. I wonder if Thomas Hardy took his inspiration for this of Tess’ father adopting the name d’Urbervilles.

Anyway, the family restored the church and the school, which still survives. What a tragedy that Bayons Manor went. I could not resist walking home that way, along way about through Kirmond le Mire and it took me the best part of three hours.