The government is proposing to abolish the distinction between Civil Partnerships and Marriage. Being a spiritual, rather than a political diary, this blog is not the place to go into all the arguments about that. However, I have been thinking a lot about marriage this week. In my view it is the most humanising and fruitful of all our imperfect human structures of relationship. Enough said.

The thought from the night before returned:

In death you can only know God.

So, you can know nothing else, because after death there is only God, or nothing – a void, as after consciousness of every and anything. I found this phrase enourmously satisfying, because it cannot be denied by believer or atheist.

It is why we need not fear death. It is utter annihilation or utter bliss in the presence of God. There is only life – nothing in between.

Life, then, is endlessly grey and doubting. Death either black or dazzlingly radiant.