Mind, Body, Machine

I have long been fascinated by the relationship between mind and body; that it is the consciousness of self and body. It seems that neither in Science nor in Philosophy is there any satisfactory explanation of how a physical process in the brain can create any self consciousness.

Nobody has ever been able to teach a machine to think, although at one time, this was thought to be just round the corner.

In the year I was born – 1950 – the computer mathematician Alan Turing wrote:

I believe that at the end of the twentieth Century, the use of words and general educated opinions will have altered so much that we will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted.

In fact, no one has even begun to make a machine think.

Is this because thought is fundamentally non mechanical?

If thinking is unrelated to the mechanics of the body, will it not survive the death of the body? Perhaps thought is, in fact, our soul.