The End of the Year

So as the year comes to its end, you might be disappointed with this year and some missed opportunities.

But remember how lucky you are – we are.

I found this passage in Leningrad:

“28 Dec 1941 at 12.30 – Zhenya died. 25 Jan 1942 at 3pm – Granny died. 17 March at 5am – Lyoka died. 13 April at 2am – Uncle Vanya died. 10 May at 4pm – Unlce Gyoosha died. 13 May at 7.30am – Maria died. The Savichevs are dead. Everyone is dead. Only Tanya is left.”

Written by 12-year-old Tanya Savicheva. What extraordinary resilience and suffering. So always look on the bright side. Be humane.