Feast of St. Charles Borromeo

St. Charles Borromeo had the most unprepossessing of beginnings. He was made a Cardinal at the age of 22 by his uncle, the Pope! However, to everyone’s amazement he refused to stay in Rome, and instead became an outstandingly holy and committed Archbishop of Milan.

St. Charles had one central message which was that of the vital importance of daily mental prayer, not reciting the Hail Mary by rote, but engaging in a conversation with God. This I have always found the most difficult thing to do. What does one say? And most of the time its rather one sided. But I shall try and persevere!

The week had been full of bad news. So on waking in the middle of the night I tried St Charles’ advice. However, every time I tried to pray my mind wandered into the difficulties. I tried again and again but kept wandering off. I finally gave up, but one important thing occurred to me. It is not necessary to be sure that God exists to pray to him. You just have to make the leap of faith!